Digital Dogma (kennedy tear)

by Unknown Mizery & DJ Billy Bishop

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Digital Dogma:

Logged on
Metropolis dot com
Android noise
interrupting your thoughts bombed
docile passage
walking the plank
route the gps
no reality
we in a TV set
that would monitor the populous
under thermometer
they can spot you quick
fossil fuels
turmoil from guns and steel
so your cars can run/
cost of tears,
turn soil,
dont succombe to fear
nows the right time
just to charge up, A
hundred lions
huntin for the meal
around hunters with abundance of fire
with no wood for the stove
in a trance
fire dance at will
staring at the broken pills
a revolutionary womanizer, addicted to drugs
depressions a skunk
stinking from the overdose
aint fully sinking, cuz I know the flow
been across the road
and left the chickens behind
mizo meddle with the arson
leaving fire with minds
and thats the original
surrounded by snakes
and kings, building with those genuine
vinny vecci till he biddy bye
theres fire in the city sky
city skylines are cut with a iller vibe
golden feet, kick a speech
travel, with visions reach
try and keep your ears shut
before you feel the bang form the ear drums
broken vessel,
lost space merchant
they make you a star
then they break purpose
stay urgent, learn to tame and sway serpents
Fate charmer
karma farma
collect my energy and sew my armour
the renaissance we never had
book of life without a author
penless travel,
theres a,
predestined story on
every blank page,
leave you scarred up
never trust a blank face
running a campaign
cramming all the lions
into a rat race
shot guns
place your vote
drop a kennedy tear
when you living in the system
know the enemies near
a flock of geese
seeped in petroleum
they just died on the pier
i seen this life
break people into pieces unknown
change the DNA
dancing alone
cavemen with computers
self esteem
relying on a button to share
social media
it aint social
nobody cares
smiling through emoticons
conning your self
when the day is gone
whats the status update
swipe right
for your soulmate
digital dogma
russian revolver
refreshing the page
hashtags, your it
now your playing the game
my brother can you relate..
can you relate??
you wanna hit fast
but you dont want her to be late
rhetoric debates
dont be bathing in bait
its like we waiting to wait
feel like we pacing all day
left your screen,
killin zombies - till you a zombie
press start
planets will battle stars
dont die through your avatar
dont die through your avatar
dont die through your avatar
the point of balance at the cross roads
troubadours building fossils
golden hearts pawned and gone cold
almost dying through our avatars
almost dying through our avatars
almost dying through our avatars


released January 24, 2016
Beat, Production & Mix: Dj Billy Bishop (C. Makaseff)
Lyrics & Vocals: Unknown Mizery (Sourav Deb)
Outro Lyrics & Vocals: Wax Monk (U. Suri)
Art: C. Makaseff

Sounds Created @ Observatory Records
Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


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