Soul Shine - Wax Monk (Produced by. DJ Billy Bishop & LinoakaLino)

by Wax Monk, DJ Billy Bishop, LinoakaLino

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Lucy Tuesdays

DJ Billy Bishop
Wax Monk

SOUL SHINE lyrics❤

Seen it comin from a mile away so I've been gunnin'
Chasin' me be poverty so constantly I'm runnin'
Pacing I admit I've been adjacent to the mix
Next to me the speaker clicks God damn it I clipped
Do a - take two Ujjy feelin confident again and
I - make due knowing I ain't all alone my pain is
The type you got when you're sitting in shock
Only option is to wait and watch thats all you got
Only thing in my control is what I do with these hands
Fuck a 4 man band I'm chilling at home
Fingers they be tracing on the edges of crates
I'm flippin' through em tryna find the one I'll murder today
But wait - I got some homies who feelin the same way
Lino on the decks with that loop game
Billy Bishop choppin it up - on a tuesday
Wax Monk too sick hit em with that smooth - shit
Boom bip, uh boom bip
Smooth like butter your crew like stutters
Think twice - I'm too nice - kill me you still bite
My soul wont die - Listen to my
Soul Shine, Shine, Shine
Listen to my soul - soul shine, shine, shine
listen to my soul, soul shine, shine, shine
listen to my soul, soul shine, shine, shine


released June 2, 2016
Released June 02, 2016

Photo by @AmitShimoni
Cover Design by DJ Billy Bishop & Wax Monk

Produced by DJ Billy Bishop & LinoakaLino @Observatory Records
Cuts: LinoakaLino

Lyrics and Vocals by Wax Monk, Ujjval Suri

Tracked, Mixed & Mastered by DJ Billy Bishop @Observatory Records

(C. Makaseff, L. Scardillo, U. Suri)
Copyright © 2016 Observatory Records & WaxMonkMusic All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


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